Star Chalice Sisters

Star Chalice Sisters was born of the creativity and collaborative efforts of soul sisters Katherine Skaggs and Sage Holloway.

Katherine and Sage have been friends since the early 90s when Sage came into a metaphysical store that Katherine owned. Sage advised Katherine to get some grounding stones, such as obsidian in her store, so she wouldn’t fly off the planet with all the quartz she had in there. Immediately it seems they became fast friends. Early in their friendship Sage found out that Katherine was an artist and encouraged her to help birth a tarot deck focused on the divine feminine. Katherine heard Sage’s message but the timing wasn’t quite right. Yet the seed was planted. More than 20 years later Katherine made a trip to Europe to see Rome through the eyes of the Goddess. This trip awakened Katherine to her next step with her art and the collaboration Sage had asked for over 20 years earlier. Katherine came home and told Sage she was finally ready to help give birth to the tarot deck reflecting the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. That was in 2006.

Over the next two years Sage and Katherine met weekly to bring forth the beauty, the imagery, and the wise words of guidance from the Goddess that became the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, and the birth of Star Chalice Sisters.

Together Sage and Katherine have more than 65 years of experience in the world of metaphysics, shamanism, tarot and the esoteric arts. These two incredibly gifted creative women, bring great focus, love and service to humanity. Their gifts of art, wise words, spiritual wisdom and creativity are dedicated to bringing the once hidden wisdom of the Ancients to the minds and hearts of each person they may touch.

Star Chalice Publishing brings you many learning tools and inspirational products that will assist you in gaining greater spiritual insights, personal power and ways to live your life in balance in a world full of change.