Shamanic Healing Sessions

with Katherine Skaggs

Katherin on the way to the jungleShamanism is known as the oldest spiritual practice on our planet, dating back more than 50,000 years. Shamanic Healing is born out of this ancient spiritual way of life. A main view of shamanism is that we are dreaming this reality. We are Spirit, and all of life is interconnected. Everyone is Spirit and is a part of the dream we are dreaming. When an individual experiences illness or distress in their lives, he/she is experiencing a distortion of their original patterns of Creation. The energies become "knotted", "dull" and without life. A shamanic practitioner works through a variety of methods to help this person restore their energy patterns, often helping by removing the energetic imprints of the distortion created by trauma, limited beliefs and attitudes, anger, resentment, hatred and other human emotions that cause distortion. The shamanic practitioner moves into a trance state or journey space to work intuitively with the Spirit world and the conscious waking world to help the shift occur.

Individual Healing Sessions with Katherine Skaggs – shamanic practitioner

Katherine has worked with energy, sacred laws and healing principles and practices for more than 25 years. She has expanded her practice the past few years to include shamanic healing work with song, sound, feather work, drumming, rattling, crystals, spirit animals, the use of sacred healing tobacco, agua florita, flower essences and essential oils. Katherine calls upon her power animals, allies, spirit guides and higher guidance system to guide her in the healing journey. She acts as a "hollow bone" for Spirit to use in assisting one in healing their lives and their bodies.

Sessions are personal and intuitively designed specifically for the client’s needs. The ultimate goal is to assist the client in releasing the spiritual cause of their symptoms of mental, emotional and physical disconnection, illness, suffering, depression, dis-empowerment, confusion, lack, etc. One may receive Spirit guidance of self-empowerment, forgiveness, compassion and personal healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One can experience a balancing of their energy system, regaining lost soul fragments and clarity.