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Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set Review


This deck is absolutely mind blowing. It will leave you feeling empowered beyond your wildest imagination. The deck speaks with such profound ease and class lifting our spirits to that of the Divine. The guidance received is easily integrated with the help of Sage’s powerful words throughout the guidebook. It is thorough and easy to read. The images are sacred and holy in every way and clearly illustrate the archetypal meanings of each representation. This deck is highly recommended for every reader both new and old.

from KSR – Fort Collins, CO USA

The Amazing Mythical Goddess Tarot

I got my deck a week ago and am amazed by it already. First, the design and drawings are so beautiful. Each tells its own story and really draws you in. Learning the new system has been very easy. The deck just flows and each card really tells its own story. I highly recommend this deck.

from B. Smith – Vista, CA USA

Excellent Product!

The Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set are the best tarot cards that I have ever seen and used. These tarot cards are right on point and what is so wonderful is that the cards are of Goddesses from all over the globe. The art work and the messages are subperb! If there were more stars that I could give, I would. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

From V.M. Walker – Philadelphia, PA USA

Mythical Goddess Tarot Review

Gorgeous Women-centric Deck

by Janet Boyer (

"Our planet and all her species are at a delicate crossroads. The key to the survival of life on Earth in these days is the integration and expression of the Sacred Feminine in all of us, women and men. At this crucial time on the planet, humankind is being forced out of denial of its own divinity. Specifically, this is the spirit of the Goddess on Earth, not necessarily in worship, but in honoring, in each of us, our feminine core of being. She has always existed in all of her forms, no matter how buried, and is now returning in full expression for the healing of humankind." – From the Mythical Goddess Tarot companion book

From Mother Mary to Lakshmi, White Buffalo Calf Woman to Brigid, the Major Arcana of the Mythical Goddess Tarot glows with diverse faces of the Divine Feminine. Bordered in purple with some Trumps renamed, the Majors speak to the deep inner desire for healing, creation, acceptance, initiation and union.

Although woman-centric in imagery, the messages of Mythical Goddess Tarot speak across gender lines and racial divisions, spiritual paths and personal needs. Richly illustrated in vibrant hues by Katherine Skaggs, this deck is compassionately honest, surprisingly blunt, incisively accurate, and ultimately hopeful.

The Minor Arcana suits are Seas, Fire, Earth and Wind, with the Court Cards following Child, Maiden, Mother and Crone designation. Each has a relevant keyword adding to possible intuitive insights, with several cards offering delightful, clever expansion on traditional meanings.

Several of my favorite cards (a few because of the utter originality) from the vivid, lavishly illustrated Mythical Goddess Tarot include:

* 8 of Earth (Nurturance) – A full-figured woman surrounded by vegetation waters a mound of daisies, healing and love emanating from her other hand.

* 10 of Wind (Illusion) – On a sunny day, a person garbed in full yellow raingear stands under a red umbrella while a tiny rain cloud hovers above.

* Crone of Fire (Transmutation) – A smiling phoenix raises triumphantly from the ashes.

* 7 of Earth (Failure) – A leafless gnarled tree fails to thrive amidst city skyscrapers and gray skies.

* Child of Seas (Innocence) – A child lies asleep in a giant conch shell, protected from a heaving wave.

* 9 of Wind (Criticism) – Lightning bolts emanate from a figure’s head and mouth with a hand points in seeming accusation, powerfully capturing the damage inflicted by harsh judgment.

The 127-page companion booklet to the Mythical Goddess Tarot is one of the most finely crafted I’ve seen, with each card reproduced in full-color miniature. Sage Holloway provides the astrological correlation for each card (unobtrusively painted on each card), as well as detailed explanations and encouraging advice. The shiny box it comes in is very sturdy and easy to open (thankfully!)

The glossy cards measure approximately 4 ½ x 3 ¼ inches with an intricate reversible pattern on back. Each of the Minor Arcana cards has an arresting border reflecting their elemental association: Wind cards are bordered with cloud-strewn skies, Seas have steel gray waves, Earth depicts leafy trees, while Fire cards have orange flame borders.

I’ve been using the Mythical Goddess Tarot for several months now and it’s one of a few "go to" decks that I use for personal readings and spiritual contemplation. I’ve found it especially helpful for ascertaining values, aligning with soul purpose, gaining insight into familial relationships, deriving comfort in stressful times, and sorting out emotional signals.

This deck is truly one of the finest I’ve come across in recent years and has become one of my favorites. It’s warm, user-friendly, diverse (in imagery and message), and clear. Although it’s self-published, it rivals any deck produced by known publishers in both quality and presentation. (It’s available from at this link.)

Thank you, Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs, for being a wide-open conduit for such an energizing and empowering Tarot deck!

(To see 16 images from the Mythical Goddess Tarot, visit the Reviews–Decks section at

– Janet Boyer, author of The Back in Time Tarot Book

Mythical Goddess Tarot Review

by Solandia of Aeclectic Tarot (

The Mythical Goddess Tarot, the creation of Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs, is a transformational deck designed to assist you in realising your true potential, and your Divine Feminine essence. It’s a self-contained tarot set, that can be used on its own without a great deal of prior tarot experience.

Sage Holloway is an intuitive and professional reader, and an expert in vibrational medicine. Her concept for the deck merges “her love of the Goddess and the art of tarot”. Katherine Skaggs, who brought the deck’s concept to reality, is a visionary artist and self-described painter of souls. Her artwork on these cards is mostly timeless, and tending towards abstract, but with occasional modern touches, like the umbrella and gumboots in the 10 of Wind (Illusion).

The major arcana cards show goddesses and female deities from cultures around the world – Christian, Celtic, Egyptian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Native American – with deep purple borders (in slightly varying shades, probably due to the printing process). The titles have been changed to better fit the feminine spirituality theme of the deck.

0 – Fool (Uzume)
I – Sorceress (Morgan le Fay)
II – High Priestess (Isis)
III – Empress (Kuan Yin)
IV – Power (Lilith)
V – Wise Woman (Sophia)
VI – Ecstatic Union (Shakti)
VII – Chariot (Athena)
VIII – Sacred Law (Crow Woman)
IX – Oracle (Yemaya)
X – Wheel of Fortune (Lakshmi)
XI – Sacred Fire (White Buffalo Calf Woman)
XII – Sacrifice (Mother Mary)
XIII – Death (Kali)
XIV – Alchemy (Brigid)
XV – Initiation (Mary Magdalene)
XVI – Purifier (Pele)
XVII – The Star (Pleiadian Star Goddess)
XVIII – The Moon (Ix Chel)
XIX – The Sun (Amaterasu)
XX – The Great Void (Aditi)
XXI – The World (Gaia)

The suits in the Mythical Goddess Tarot are strongly elemental. Seas (equivalent to Cups) with a strong watery energy and scenes of dolphins, mermaids with flowing hair, waves and waterfalls. Wind (Swords) are edged with a border the colour of a cloud-dotted blue sky, and depict mental states and energy: the 9 of Winds (Criticism) is a strong visual interpretation of this card, showing a red-painted face with jagged lightning bolts streaming from mouth, eyes and forehead. Earth (Pentacles) are edged in a spring green and have images of growing trees, flowers, harvest, community and human interaction. Fire (Wands) have a warm to hot energy with orange borders and flames appearing in many cards.

Physically, the cards are glossily laminated and a little sticky (my cards were stuck together after opening and had to be individually separated before use). The set also includes a 128-page bound companion book, with full-colour illustrations, which is a useful adjunct to the cards.. The cards could be quite easily used intuitively or from prior tarot experience – without a book at all – but the text gives two Goddess spreads, explains a little background on the art chosen for the card, and provides some expanded spiritual teachings and advice.

On first opening the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, I liked the look of the artwork but wasn’t sure how it would hold together as a workable deck. Reading with it was a pleasant surprise — the images are full of feeling and energy, and easily useable without extensive study. The colour-coding makes it easy to get a feel for a card (or a spread) at a glance, and the scenes provide a jumping-off point for intuitive understanding. I found it particularly good for drawing a card of the day.