Kudos for Katherine!


My Soul Portrait colors are so rich, even more so than they looked on the email you sent to me. I watched the DVD last night and was amazed by the whole process.  I am a brand-new painter, and watching how you paint was as interesting (well, almost!) as what you were painting!

I look forward to using the image as an inspiration in contemplation…and truly, the whole experience has been very uplifting and encouraging to me.  Your words gave me great hope and give me a sense of myself that I have never had before. I’ve been walking in the valley for the last 3 years since my husband died.  Your painting makes me hungry for color and joy, and honestly, I know it is still there.  Even through the sadness, I know that inside, I feel joy that I can’t describe.

The picture is beautiful and I look forward to working with it.

Blessings and thanks,

Susan H – Maine


Aloha Katherine,

Were you wondering if WOW arrived??  Well, she is hanging on the wall an every time I look at her, I rejoice and send waves of gratitude and love to you and the Creator. 

I can now feel into you even deeper — and that is wonderful.

Much love,
AshAlome – New Mexico

Hi Katherine

My mom gave me one of your portraits for Christmas.  It is absolutely beautiful! All of the colors are my aura colors and the portrait also has other symbols/messages that have been part of my life.  It is really amazing that you can pick up these messages from my photograph.


Tracey S – Florida

i Katherine,

My soul portrait arrived on Saturday and is exquisite – thank you so much! I’ve been meditating while looking at it and have read your channeled message many times, gaining new insight each time.

Your work is profound and I’m very grateful to have been gifted this treasure.

Many blessings to you,


Namaste Katherine!

WOW! We just got home from the post office with the package, and I am VERY, VERY HAPPY :-)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COLORS and the PAINTING, I have no words Katherine, it is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!
And the colors are so me, in fact I think they are me, so I really love them. The magenta color is a color I love more than anything, execpt for rainbow colors maybe. Magenta, burgundy and colors like that are colors I have loved all my life. Allready when I was a teenager and began to choose my own clothes, I chose these colors. I remember having a coat in this color, it was ankle-length and I loved it so much.

I have also been reading the letter about the portrait and cried a little bit of course. I have to read it several times and look more at the painting also, I just wanted to tell you right away how much I loved it all, not just the painting and your letter, but all the cards and the altar cards also, everything is so incredible beautiful, it is so beautiful that it almost hurt.

You are incredible gifted, bless you Katherine!

I have to say a little bit more before I have to go. About the gold color around my head/hair, it reminded me about something people have told me in channelings earlier. I do not know if it is true, but I am been told that I have a golden halo around my head. So the gold reminded me of that. I remember you wrote something about the gold, and I think you explained it differently, but it was fun too see when I remembered the halo anyhow.

You are absolutely right about Atlantis and Egypt, and probably Lemuria also. I feel very connected to Atlantis, and have been wondering about Lemuria also, so this was a confirmation to me, thank you.

I am very happy and very grateful for the Soul painting Katherine, and I really can see and recognize myself in there, and I love what I see. I think I also look very happy and smiling, and inside I really am a person that loves to smile and laugh, so I feel the painting is sooooo me.

I will cherish it for the rest of my life, and I will take really good care of it. I do not know if I already have said it in this letter, but I think my Soul painting is the most beautiful of all the Soul painting on your website. I really mean it, even if I think the other ones is very beautiful too, but my Soul painting is more than beautiful I think. I know I am a little bit crazy saying this, but to me, it is true! I think that tells you how much I love it!

I write you more some other time, when I have had more time to look at the painting and read the letter again, if it is something I like to share with you or ask you about.

Thank you!

Namaste Solfrid – Norway



  • Thank you so very much, you are a beautiful person and also very talented. This Portrait means a lot to me, and you have done a great job. Thank you…

    Justin B, Nevada